Established in 2002 as a manufacturer (OEM and ODM) of
cosmetics focusing on research and development.

J&G Cosmetic Co., Ltd has secured competitiveness in the fast changing beauty market through continuous technological innovation and exclusively supplied skin care and make-up and weight loss product that we developed with good insight that foresees the future. We are continuously growing as a company specializing in beauty care and skin care products. We provide happiness to customers with our customer-oriented management that strives to create value that customers want based on the research system, production facilities, and technology suitable for global standard.



Weight loss

We earn our faith through standard management
that conforms to the basics of honesty and faith.

We are impressing our customers by ‘creating value for customers’ with new brand and excellent products, through creative management that challenges with passion and a pioneering spirit to find new things. We can promise you that we will try our best to lead the fast changing cosmetics market through future-oriented and continuous research and development, and we will always be with your customers and continue to innovate and advance